I know what you may be thinking: "Why should I hire a photographer when I've  already got more photos on my phone than I know what to do with?"

It's true that digital technology has made taking photos more convenient - and filled up our phones - but it hasn't made the photos we take that much better. Plus, data is fragile, as anyone whose ever lost a special picture on their phone can tell you.

This is where a good photographer comes in. They capture personal, memorable, artistic images that you will actually want to preserve in the real world as a printed image, transforming a moment in time into a tangible work of art that can be treasured forever.

I've worked for agencies such as WPP and Publicis, and Pacific Digital Image, where I picked up photography and editing from some of the best in the profession. Most of all, I've learned that it's not about the hardware or the software, but the vision of the person using them.

My vision as your photographer is not to shoot the perfect image, just one that is perfect to you.

Thanks for visiting, now let's go make some art!

- Mark The Photographer

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